Meet the Club – Dylan

Words: Ben Weber

Photos: Steve Wein


Next up on our LS Member bio is Dylan.  I met Dylan way back when LS first went to Water By the Bridge in Kentucky. He wasn’t a member at the time but hung around a lot and put in time and hard work to get his patches. He’s owned a few different rides over the years which you’ll find below among the Q&A.



Meet the Club – Tony M

img_3791As Lower Standards continues to grow we felt it would be a good idea to do some brief member bios as it can sometimes be difficult to make the rounds and talk to everyone at the summer shows or get togethers.

To kick this off, I pieced together some questions for our club President, Tony. I’ve known him for years now and have taken many photos of some of the cars he’s owned over the years, which you will find within this post as well. (more…)



We are thrilled to announce that pre-registration for Lower Standards Brewhaus 2016 is now live! The show is open to all makes and models and will only cost $20.00! REGISTER NOW BY CLICKING HERE

But wait, there’s more!

Jay Baumgardner from JayBaumPhoto and Lower Standards are teaming up to throw one crazy pre-show-show on July 22nd (the night before Brewhaus) that we guarantee you will not want to miss. To keep up to date as the details roll out, head to Jay’s Site HERE , and don’t forget to check out his amazing photo galleries as well