And we became brothers

Lower Standards started in 2007 as a group of friends who all shared the common interest in lowered Volkswagens and Audis.  The group began its humble roots on VWVortex’s midwest forum as the Lower Standards thread, which still exists today.  The thread became a place to share ideas and pictures.  As the thread and its following grew, friendships began to form through get togethers and car shows.  Guys became good friends over this common love of near non-functionally low cars.  It didn’t matter whether we were hanging out in a parking lot or a garage. It was always a good time.

Lower Standards was always a low key group that went somewhat unnoticed as we didn’t really call attention to ourselves aside from our reputation for being some of the lowest static cars in the Midwest.  As we pushed boundaries and explored new limits we wanted to take Lower Standards to the next level.

It wasn’t until October of last year that we decided we wanted to take LS beyond its foundation as the thread on Vortex.  On a cool night, four of us laid the groundwork for the Lower Standards Car Club.  Since the club’s inception, we have been learning the joys, successes, challenges and failures.  We are learning how much hard work is involved in helping guys complete builds, create and market merchandise, and plan for our first show scheduled for October of this year.

This website is another goal we have had.  We plan to feature our builds, members, show coverage, and a little of this and that.


We’d like to thank all who have made us who we are today.  We’ve received help from so many people throughout the country and are forever grateful.


Stay tuned as we have many exciting things to share this year.


-Panzer Ben

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