A constant light peering through the tiny rectangular entry door window accompanied by the muffled sound of 90s hip hop tracks can only mean one thing… season is right around the corner and there’s work to be done. The magic of Lower Standards all takes place at a shop in the suburbs of Milwaukee, which has been dubbed “LSHQ”.

LSHQ has come to be something many of us look forward to on the weekends. It provides an escape from the obligations and demands of school, full time jobs, etc. – A haven to do what we love. During the week , our tools of the trade may be a computer, a desk, and pens but the weekend allows us to trade those in for socket wrenches, cutting wheels and welders.


This spring has been particularly busy with some large projects underway. Jason has been putting in a lot of time during the week to churn out his latest MKIII build by the first Midwest Show, Scooters GTG on June 8th. What is he building exactly? Well, that remains a secret until the show season starts. We can assure you that it will be a feature on this site.



It’s not only the builds and wrench time that make LSHQ a place that you want to hang out at. Many of us come from backgrounds in art, skateboarding, bmx, and music. Our diverse backgrounds have come to shape the overall look and feel of the space into something we’re proud to call home.



Stay tuned for more goodies to come as we assemble wheels, drop some more cars, and finish up some feature worthy builds.



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