Sunday Morning

With the arrival of what we consider “nice” weather in the Midwest, many of us at LS have been getting projects wrapped up and spending some time behind the wheels of our cars.  With full blown show season just a week away, LS has been working hard on hammering out the details for our show,  planned for October 12th this year.   With this being our first show, we’ve found out how much work goes into planning an event and have gained a new level of appreciation and respect for shows that have been around for years.

This morning a couple of us met up for brunch in Milwaukee’s historic third ward for a show planning meeting.  Of course, I go everywhere with my camera and luckily had an opportunity to take a few shots across the street from the restaurant.  We struck up some good conversation with other patio diners who were interested in what we’re doing and whether or not they would need a tetanus shot if they stood to close to the single cab.  Unfortunately we were limited in time, but stay tuned for some upcoming features on Andy’s .:R32 and Tony’s ’60 Single Cab.








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