Lowfile: Dylan Chartier’s 20th Anniversary GTI

This is the first of many short features of cars from people who help make LS what is it. We want to show who these people are and the car they choose to express themselves with. This is Dylan Chartier in our first installment of The Lowfiles.


At 20 years old, Dylan is one of the youngest guys here that helps out, supports, represents, and builds on what LS is about. Like many car guys, Dylan went through his fair share of cars before he found this prime example of a 20th Anniversary edition GTI. Dylan’s had Passat’s, an e36, a mk2, a 337 mk4, and now his current mk4. I’ve always had a soft spot for mk4’s so I hope to see this one stick around for a while!


Dylan found this 20ae in Minnesota almost completely stock except for a tune. It’s not an easy task to find a clean, stock 20th GTI, especially in the Midwest. So when Dylan found this he had to jump on it right away. The urge to modify and go faster quickly set in, now you can find a catless 3” turboback 42dd exhaust, EVOMS intake, and an n75 race valve under the hood. A set of double staggered Kinesis K27 wheels were fit to compliment the Jazz Blue exterior.


In the near future you may see a bigger turbo, upgraded fuel system, and some ever so sought after euro parts. Can’t wait to see what the future holds for this clean mk4!






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