2016. The Year We Grow

2015 was a big success for us compared to years past as we were fortunate to partner up with Schlitz Park and the Brown Bottle in Milwaukee to hold a successful first year show.


A couple of the members post show. Photo by JayBaumPhoto

There were a lot of things we learned from the show and a lot of support that really helped us make it all possible, especially from those in the car community and our families.

LS has become a large family. We continue to grow with added prospective members, new members and guys having kids that have taken an interest in the car scene.  But ultimately it isn’t about the scene. It’s friendships. Seeing your buddy’s car arrive at a show or GTG when a couple of you barely slept the night before while trying to help him get his car running or on a set of coilovers.  It’s seeing a driveway packed full of cars aired out or high centered on the shoulder of the road all to celebrate a member’s kid’s birthday.

As our presence in the community grows, so does our network of friends.  From Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, and even Nebraska, we’ve received much support and help from those not even in state. People travel from all over to support each other and that’s truly what this scene is about.

At the end of the day, you’re either growing or standing still. No one became successful by remaining idle. We have some plans for this coming year that will help develop the brand as well as our on line presence.



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