Matt’s MK7



After going through a year or two of hating every photo I took and not even taking it out for last year’s season, I had the chance to photograph Matt’s Golf.

I’d liked the OEM plus look that Matt has always used on his cars. The Golf features a full Votex kit, H&R coilovers, and 19×8.5 Rotiform SPFs.  While I was photographing the car, I had a conversation with Matt about what made him choose the car.


He explained that the MK7 GTIs had just too much of the tacky red trim on the grill & interior. The Golf was much more subtle and clean looking up front. He was also attracted much more to the simplicity of the Golf Bumpers versus the GTIs.

IMG_3709 copy

Matt couldn’t decide on a set of wheels for the car and after spending many hours searching, finally settled on the Rotiform SPFs in the DDT finish as he said they reminded him of the Fuchs style outlaw wheels.

Though the car looks great as it sits, Matt still considers it a work in progress and has some plans up his sleeve for the 2016 season. If his attention to detail and doing this correctly is any indication of what’s to come, we’ll definitely be seeing an ultra clean build in the months to come.IMG_3714IMG_3721IMG_3717

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