Meet the Club – Dylan

Words: Ben Weber

Photos: Steve Wein


Next up on our LS Member bio is Dylan.  I met Dylan way back when LS first went to Water By the Bridge in Kentucky. He wasn’t a member at the time but hung around a lot and put in time and hard work to get his patches. He’s owned a few different rides over the years which you’ll find below among the Q&A.


Q. What was your first Volkswagen?

Dylan: My first VW was a b4 passat sedan. Nothing special, but my brother got me into Volkswagens and I wanted one really bad. I learned to drive stick in that car.  Sadly it was totaled when i got rear ended 2 weeks after I bought it.

Q. Favorite car you’ve owned?

Dylan: That is a hard one. I’ve had a lot of cars that I liked a lot My Mk4 .:R32 was probably at the top of my list though along with one of my Mk1 Caddys


Q. What’s your inspiration when you modify your cars?

Dylan: I just try to do what I think looks good with the car I’m currently messing with. Obviously I don’t have tons of money to spend on all the fancy things, so i do what I think looks good.

Q. Air or Static?

Dylan: I don’t have a lot of experience with air, but it was great on the one car I had it. Really convenient. Static is fun too though, but more difficult when driving Milwaukee roads.


Q. Favorite show or cruise?

Dylan: There’s been so many great memories at all the shows I’ve been to.  The two that probably stick out the most though is Water by the Bridge 2013 when I met the Lower Standards guys and Dubs in the Valley 2013 when I became a member of Lower Standards


Q. Being one of the younger guys at one point in Lower Standards, how has your style and taste changed as you’ve gotten older?

Dylan: When I first got into cars, I was like many others and only had the Fast and the Furious movies (haha) to look at, so you can imagine how bad my taste was at first! As I got older and learned more and more about cars in general and got into the “scene” you could say my style is much more sophisticated. I’m now to the point where I do the car for me.


Q. What’s your take on the scene these days and the direction it’s heading?

Dylan: I personally think its getting really competitive.  It’s cool to see some of the crazy things people do with different swaps and full blow builds, and I can definitely appreciate the hard work.  A lot of other people just want to throw suspension and wheels on their car for the sake of being instafamous.

Q. If money were no object what would you be driving?

Dylan: I feel like most people would say they want some crazy exotic car like a Ferrari or Porsche, but I’d prefer a really old cab over truck to build a rat rod dually with twin turbo Cummins diesel that could scrape from one end of Milwaukee to the other. Oh yeah, and a Knucklehead Harley bike to go with it.


Words: Ben Weber

Photos: Steve Wein

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