Euro District 2017

This post comes from one of our friends and guest contributor, Nick Novak. His flickr can be seen here. Words and photos by Nick.

If you haven’t already made your way to Jeffersonville, IN for Euro District you need to plan on going next year. Team Eurotrash puts together a great show that they call a “Midwest Social” for good reason. The weekend is as much about seeing old friends and meeting new people as it is about the actual car show. The weekend officially started with a pre-party the night before the show in the parking lot of the host hotel.
It was a great time and was a good way to unwind from the trip that many people made
to get to Jeffersonville from all over the country. In addition to the pre-party there were plenty of places for food or entertainment within walking distance of the hotel as well as the views of the Ohio River and Louisville on the other side.
One detail that seemed to be appreciated by everybody was the later start time of the show. It was nice to be able to fully enjoy the pre-party and not have to worry about waking up at 6am to head to the show. There was plenty of time to sleep in and still make it to a car wash and grab breakfast before making the trek 3 blocks from the hotel to the show.
We got there early to set up and because of that I was able to watch all of the cars roll in. The weather was perfect as the cars started to stream in and head to their spots. Whether you’re into aircooled’s or brand new Audi’s there was guaranteed to be something at the show that would catch your eye.
There were lots of quality builds and rare cars along with equal amounts of variety. It was clear how much time and effort Eurotrash spent planning and preparing for the show as everything seemed well thought out and went smooth throughout the day.
Towards the end of the show awards were presented along with the drawing for all sorts of raffle prizes. In addition to your standard awards 25 cars were chosen to attend an ice cream social on the river after the show.
As everyone gathered back at the hotel after the show there was another night of catching up and partying. It was a good way to spend the rest of the day before everyone started the trip home the next morning.
There were a few issues on the road as everybody headed home but it was cool to see the community come together to help out in any way possible. It was a long weekend but overall it was a great way to start out the show season. Thank you to Team Eurotrash for putting together such an awesome event, I know I will be back next year!
For more photos from the show, head on over to Nick’s flickr page, HERE

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