Author: Ben Weber

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Meet the Club – Dylan

Words: Ben Weber

Photos: Steve Wein


Next up on our LS Member bio is Dylan.  I met Dylan way back when LS first went to Water By the Bridge in Kentucky. He wasn’t a member at the time but hung around a lot and put in time and hard work to get his patches. He’s owned a few different rides over the years which you’ll find below among the Q&A.



Meet the Club – Tony M

img_3791As Lower Standards continues to grow we felt it would be a good idea to do some brief member bios as it can sometimes be difficult to make the rounds and talk to everyone at the summer shows or get togethers.

To kick this off, I pieced together some questions for our club President, Tony. I’ve known him for years now and have taken many photos of some of the cars he’s owned over the years, which you will find within this post as well. (more…)

OEMeticulous Plus – Matt Christensen’s Cabriolet

As trends come and go in the Volkswagen scene, one style has seemed to not only hold it’s own, but taken off in popularity over the last few years.  OEM Plus is arguably one of the cleanest styles in the import car scene. Maybe it’s the subtlety of the modifications that make one do a double take.  Maybe it’s the intricately well planned simplicity of creating a modified “version” of what Volkswagen would have produced if they churned out factory modified cars from Wolfsburg or Puebla.

Enter Matt Christensen’s 1993 Cabriolet…. (more…)

Sunday Morning

With the arrival of what we consider “nice” weather in the Midwest, many of us at LS have been getting projects wrapped up and spending some time behind the wheels of our cars.  With full blown show season just a week away, LS has been working hard on hammering out the details for our show,  planned for October 12th this year.   With this being our first show, we’ve found out how much work goes into planning an event and have gained a new level of appreciation and respect for shows that have been around for years. (more…)


A constant light peering through the tiny rectangular entry door window accompanied by the muffled sound of 90s hip hop tracks can only mean one thing… season is right around the corner and there’s work to be done. The magic of Lower Standards all takes place at a shop in the suburbs of Milwaukee, which has been dubbed “LSHQ”.